Sunday, January 20, 2008

grassy snow brioche - 2 color brioche finished!

This was my sister's Christmas present and I showed some swatches over the summer but never showed the finished object! I uploaded the pictures to flickr in October so I must have finished it around then also. As usual, I made a reversible scarf that won't roll.
IMG_4212 IMG_4210

While I was working on this scarf, I found a great brioche stitch resource which describes the common abbreviations, and several variations. Next time I'm ready for some brioche knitting, I'm definitely going there for inspiration.

needles: US 8 (5mm)
yarn: Knitpicks Andean Silk in leaf and cream, about 1.5 skeins of each - that's about 150 yards of two colors in worsted weight

details: I used the Italian tubular cast on to make 20 stitches in green.

On the first row, I did *knit1 green, slip1* 10 times (10*2=20).

On the second row, I did *knit1 white, slip1* 10 times.

I repeated these rows twice for a total of 4 rows.

Then I switched to the 2-color brioche maintaining the green side and white side. The scarf is 4.5 inches wide but stretchy. I made it about 80 inches long which is perfect for my sister to loop around her neck euro style. (I just spent 10 minutes looking for an example of a scarf worn euro style on the internet but came up dry - it's not the way I looped the scarf around the tree in the photo above). Okay - just found a picture of a scarf worn in what I am calling 'euro style'. It's the green scarf in the first picture in an old post of Annie Modesitt.

Here are my tips for staying sane with 2-color brioche copied from my previous post on brioche swatches:

1) switch colors every row (to figure out which color is next if I walk away, whichever column/rib has a knit stitch is the color I used last, the next color is the color of the knit stitches that have a yarnover on them)
2) slide the knitting to whichever side has the proper color working yarn (why double points or short circulars are excellent needle choices)
3) when necessary (on half the rows) purl the columns so they stay the right color and right stitch

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